Sunday, May 30, 2004

Seize the Oil Fields / The Power of Ideology

The sensible next step for the Imperial USA, would be to simply seize the oil fields of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Let the local Arabs and Persians return to their original state of harmless poverty. It's solution to Islamic Terrorism. Eventually, Osama will run out of money. No money, no bombs. After all, we are at war.

It wouldn't be a very nice thing to do, of course. The radical students at our finer Universities would have a fit. And the UN would explode. But the material benefits would more than compensate. And we could give the Europeans a cut, to quiet them down. That's all it will really take. Instead of appeasing the Arabs, they'll appease the Americans. Anybody with oil.

The point isn't that it can happen. It can't happen, it's politically unacceptable in domestic US politics without some larger provocation. Morality and all that. Private property, of all things. A President who seized mideast oil fields would be forced to return the property by an outraged Congress. It's just that the failure of the US Empire to seize the mideast oil fields is such a glaring deficiency. It's a deficiency in the administration of the world economy (from the Imperial point of view). And it's a deficiency in the theory of the left, which is always complaining how terribly Imperialist is the US. And it's a deficiency in the imagination of the public, that nobody has suggested it until now.

The US can't keep South American drugs out of the country. The US can't keep Mexican illegals out of the country. The US can't keep terrorists out of the country. Do we think we are keeping foreign money out of the country? Anonymous political contributions, anyone? How about all those soft money campaigns? Internet fund raising my foot. Corruption is an American tradition, fortunately, so are crusading prosecutors.

President Franklin Roosevelt made a deal with the Saudi Royal family in February 1945, and for some unknown reason the deal has held. What realpolitik reason could there be for the West in general, and the US in particular, to send shiploads of money to the mideast? The Iranians build nukes and support the terrorism of Hezbollah and Hamas. Saudi Arabia builds the worldwide radical Muslim movement and funds politicians, professors and media all over the developed world. And Iraq (until recently) built weapons, invaded many of its neighbors and supported Palestinian terrorism, at least.

The Muslims must look at this Western largesse in the face of the hostile blowback it creates and conclude it's just a miracle of Allah. After all, God gave oil to the Muslims (including Indonesia), didn't He?

In practical terms, the money paid for oil is a massive society-wrenching subsidy. If crude oil were a commodity then competition between the various suppliers would drive the price down to subsistence levels, supported at the bottom only by the cost of production. Instead, billions of unearned dollars goes to unreconstructed social primitives who make mischief as if there is no tomorrow. What happens to Islamic Radicalism when the oil money dries up? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

The Key
The key to winning a war against a superior force is to convince the superior force that there is no war. It's just vandalism, or "Troubles", maybe even "Terrorism". But not war. If there is no war, then don't fight. War is bad, so don't fight. It's only a few troublemakers, so don't wage war. Do anything but defend yourself. Think small, think inside the box. We're only losing a few dead -- we have millions. Maybe we can pacify them by understanding them. Keep on funding your enemies in the interest of "Market Stability" and "Engagement". Wait until the Melting Pot Effect takes hold. War is Peace. There is no war. Ignore the war behind the curtain. Do not fight. Keep those payments coming. The best defense is diplomacy. Forty dollars a barrel and climbing. Forget that we are paying our enemies. Prince Bandar is our friend.


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