Thursday, September 15, 2005

British Nuts

Regarding the warrant against Israeli Maj.-Gen. Doron Almog, as described in this Guardian article. I'd simply like to say that thinking in that manner would make a war criminal of every Lancaster pilot. For that matter, it would make a war criminal any of Britains WWII generals that used artillery on the European mainland.

The primary method of this sort of anti-Zionism is to deliberately confuse war and peace. Acts that would be unacceptable in peace are normal in war. The behavioral standards of British citizens in peacetime are applied to a wartime situation. But only to one side, the Israelis.

Britain also has a new breed of holocaust deniers running around loose. They want to dilute and then erase a holocaust memorial day in Britain. I really ought to fly over there and diagnose their illness in greater detail. But I can tell from the other side of the water that the root of it all is radical Islam.

So does the anti-Zionism arise out of anti-Semitism or does the recent spate of anti-Semitism arise out of anti-Zionism? Hint: Arab violence toward Jewish immigrants arose before the creation of the state of Israel. Islamic attitudes to the "descendants of pigs and apes" are very old.


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