Monday, September 19, 2005

A Note About Iraq

Iraq is not Vietnam. Saying "Iraq is the Arabic word for Vietnam" is like saying Ecuador is the Spanish word for Latvia.

And the war in Iraq is different from the war in Vietnam. The only common factor is that the US is involved. The main difference in the wars is that in Vietnam the communists had infiltrated the South Vietnamese government at all levels. All levels. And the group of loyal Vietnamese surrounding the US had a nucleus in the Catholic community, a minority. The Vietnamese communists (Viet Minh) were respected. In Iraq, the Sunni are a minority and the Baathists are hated; and the Islamists despised.

And, of course, Vietnam is mostly jungle. Iraq is a desert. Vietnam had Ho Chi Minh. Iraq has Zarqawi. The South Vietnamese were not able to survive without US support. The Iraqi Shiite and Kurds can survive, nearly on their own.


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