Thursday, September 15, 2005

British Nuts

Regarding the warrant against Israeli Maj.-Gen. Doron Almog, as described in this Guardian article. I'd simply like to say that thinking in that manner would make a war criminal of every Lancaster pilot. For that matter, it would make a war criminal any of Britains WWII generals that used artillery on the European mainland.

The primary method of this sort of anti-Zionism is to deliberately confuse war and peace. Acts that would be unacceptable in peace are normal in war. The behavioral standards of British citizens in peacetime are applied to a wartime situation. But only to one side, the Israelis.

Britain also has a new breed of holocaust deniers running around loose. They want to dilute and then erase a holocaust memorial day in Britain. I really ought to fly over there and diagnose their illness in greater detail. But I can tell from the other side of the water that the root of it all is radical Islam.

So does the anti-Zionism arise out of anti-Semitism or does the recent spate of anti-Semitism arise out of anti-Zionism? Hint: Arab violence toward Jewish immigrants arose before the creation of the state of Israel. Islamic attitudes to the "descendants of pigs and apes" are very old.


The bitter-enders: I'll bet some of those who just wouldn't leave were guarding large stashes of cocaine or other contraband. You just can't bring it to the Superdome, can you? The argument against this is that coke dealers aren't poor, they could have gotten out. But there's a tradition of riding it out in NO. So even though I'm sure some of the coke dealers did hightail it, some of the staybehinds were probably dealers.

The School Buses: Where were the drivers, did they evacuate? Where were the keys? Were there preplanned rescue routes for the school buses? How did they plan to take care of the drivers families?

The Levees: Overtopping was expected by Sunday and Monday, but outright failure was a surprise.

Staying behind: How many times can you evacuate and come back to find things okay, before you decide to ride things out next time?

In General: We now see that the city was doomed, it was only a matter of time. I did not know the city was under sea level, myself.

Real Estate: What, if any, was the role of local real estate businesses in lowering public awareness of hurricane damage potential? If the city council (or whatever they have) is dominated by real estate interests, how could they have ever considered moving or depopulating the city? Real Estate prices would have sunk out of site. An irreducible (?) conflict of interest?

The Mayor: Does he have any constituents? Does he have an office? Does he have a budget? What bank holds the city bank account? Can he write checks? Where is the checkbook? When is his term up? Who will run for mayor of New Orleans? Who is allowed to vote?

And will the residency requirement for voting need to be changed to permit returning refugees to vote?

What did they know and when did they know it? Hint: The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge.