Sunday, October 09, 2005

Where's Osama?

Big quake in Pakistan. Right where Osama is hiding. Too bad, really. If he's buried we may never be able to prove it. I wonder how Waziristan is doing, in general.

Do you think that the quake could have been caused by the same homosexuals who caused the flooding in New Orleans? I think the main sinner is Osama. Let's see those mullahs wiggle out of this one. Now that they've blamed the flooding on sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. The other religious doom-sayers should be having a field day, though. Soon, you just wait.

You know, it being the holy season for Jews, it just might be the right time to repent. I mean, you can't be too careful. Right?

Of course, it could be those pesky tectonic plates. But what do they have against Osama?

And when we send in the military to help, as Musharraf is asking, could they just happen to run into Osama? Now, if you're a real conspiracy nut, you'll put two and two together and realize that the US caused the quake in order to send in the troops to...

Or you could just google for "HAARP" or "tectonic weapon" and keep yourself busy for hours.

Maybe al-Queda was working on a tectonic weapon and it went off too early, like that guy in Oklahoma. I can't resist quoting Craige McMillan at World Net Daily about that Oklahoma explosion outside the stadium:

Of course, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Lots of people commit suicide by strapping explosives around their waists and blowing themselves to bits outside crowded athletic stadiums during packed games at our nation's universities, right?

So, it's conclusively proved: Osama caused the earthquake with a combination of sin and technology.