Monday, October 31, 2005

Blogger Stinks!

  • Create a blog here on

  • Make a new post

  • Fill in the title and a little text

  • Go up and hit "Create"

  • It's gone.

  • Your text is gone.

  • It wouldn't have been that hard to issue a message.

  • And if you do save it, you can't preview the text before posting.

  • There's no preview button.

  • But you can view posted articles. Well, I can just look at my blog for that!

So there's no way to see if what your post looks like without showing it to the world. After creating a post, to fix it up before somebody sees it, you have to:

  • Go back to the edit posts window (delay)

  • Enter your article (delay)

  • Make the changes (unavoidable)

  • Publish (delay)

  • Go back to the blog and hit refresh (delay)

That's five steps when two should do it -- Make the changes and just save it, refresh the browser of the view window.

I'm angry because I had a good post on Terrorism and the things people write about it. But now it's gone because I hit the wrong button and blogger did a stupid thing. Erasing the users text is a no-no without a warning. Even Microsoft knows that.