Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hamas Visits Iran

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal visits Iran and gets some moral support. Financial support may follow. Maybe Mashal is arranging for a nuclear warhead. The Russians are not making headway in their attempt to negotiate nuclear issues with Iran. The French have come out and announced that they think Iran is working on a nuclear weapon. Both Iran and Hamas want to destroy Israel, sooner or later. The Israelis take this seriously and won't take this lying down. War is a possibility.

All the bad news about Islam, the cartoon Jihad and the burning cars in France, make Islam look bad right now. At a time when Hamas is looking for friends. Israel is angling to destabilize or replace the Hamas government. And analysts are trying to explain away the Hamas victory.

Muslims want respect but portray themselves on TV as nuts. They'll fix that. There is enough Islamic money and smarts to know how to put together a good PR package. This Palestinian site is evidence enough for that. Even the name, "This Week in Palestine" is smart and trendy and western. Fits right next to People magazine. The spit and polish will wend it's way to Pakistan and the riots will be replaced with some imitation of Ghandi or MLK. The essence will be the same. Keep that in mind. But sometimes, you become what you pretend to be. The Muslim craving for respect could morph into a new appreciation of multi-culturism, or freedom, or something. Maybe. We live in interesting times.


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