Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nuclear Iran

There's a pathological behavior that's sometimes called Suicide by Cop. This is the situation wherein a person attacks an armed police officer in such a way as to have no hope of surviving. I think the guys running Iran these days are expecting to be killed by Israelis or maybe by Americans. It will fulfull their paranoid expectations of global Zionist domination. Or something.

They could be a tad smarter, and they might be inviting attack for some more nefarious purpose. Maybe they think they have a counter-attack already prepared. On the streets of New York this was called Cruisin' for a Bruisin'. What was it called in your town?

The Iranians do have a history of supporting suicidal behaviors. Cultural or Genetic -- what do you think?

Man as Meat

We've heard of man bites dog. This is a little more serious. Lions in Tanzania have developed a love of humanity. For dinner. Oh, the End Times must be near...

Foiled Attack Suppressed by MSM?

According to mostly right-wing sources, the Italians have foiled a terrorist attack against the US. And the world media is apparently reporting it but the US media is boycotting the story! The right-wing explanation is that the story will prevent the impeachment of George W Bush on the NSA-wiretapping issue. Sounds very strange...

According to Daniel Pipes article, the arrest was back in November. The terrorist group has a pretentious name, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat. Why not.

An attack that has been prevented, with no convictions and apparently no explosives or weapons found, might just not be big news. But then why was it big news outside the US? Or was it? (adnkronos article). This Italian article emphasizes that the Italians only have wiretaps, nothing else. That may be key. In the US the crime would probably be one of "Conspiracy".